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Commercial Builder + Designer

Special Feature: Creative integration of Residential setting with commercial construction

Tucked away in three neat little side streets of Melbourne’s northern suburbs, Dew Drops Early Learning Centre formed a triple centre partnership with Jointly in an effort to revamp their worn out and much loved childcare centres.


Dew Drops approached Jointly with two main construction requirements;

  • To produce a design that provides a modern and uniform look whilst keeping a functional and spacious centre that optimises both the children’s and staff needs.

  • Ensure the construction is run smoothly, ensuring no interruption to the children’s day to day activities or the general operating capacity of the centre.


Running with this, Jointly introduced new engineered flooring, joinery, plumbing and toilets in each venue, finishing off with landscaping and then a fresh coat of paint throughout. The construction was scheduled solely for weekend works, allowing instant transformations to occur in a matter of days in which the results were able to speak for themselves. Not only were the Dew Drops team pleased with the installation, but the children were over the moon when they arrived Monday morning to find that their weekday home had been totally transformed.

6 months


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